About Sal’s Little Italy

Since 1977, Sal’s Little Italy has been the premier NYC’s Little Italy pizza place. Back in the early years, Sal’s Little Italy was known as Sal’s Pizza, located at the cross section of Broome and Mott streets, down the block from the famous Mulberry Street, the heart of Little Italy, NYC.

In 1982, the Triolo family, led by Madre Carmela and Padre Antonio, acquired Sal’s pizzeria after arriving to NYC from Napoli, Italy. Within a few years, the family transformed the pizzeria into a full dining experience using family recipes; while retaining the great NYC pizza slice reputation.

By 2012, Sal’s Little Italy popularity and customer base grew beyond expectation. In turn, Sal’s moved to a new location at the corner of Broome and Mulberry Streets. The current location is an expanded upfront pizzeria (selling by the slice) separate from a 60 seat dining room, set in a casual exposed brick interior.

Sal’s Little Italy remains family owned and operated by the Triolo brothers, and well-known for the famous fried calzone, classic Neapolitan NYC style pizzas and family recipe, Italiano comfort food.

The Triolo brothers are proud that Sal’s Little Italy remains one of the Little Italy restaurants still Italiano famiglia owned and operated. Stop by and you are guaranteed to find at least one of the three brothers behind the pizzeria counter or hosting in the main dining area.

Each one of the brothers brings an important ingredient to the restaurant, which yields a perfect blend of staying power. Francesco is principle of business affairs; Vincenzo is purveyor of food while Massimo is pizzaiolo maestro.

Stop by for a quick slice, supper or just to say “ciao", and we promise one of the Triolo brothers will be there to greet you.

Listen to Francesco Triolo talk about his family’s nearly 35 years of owning/operating Sal’s pizzeria and Sal’s Little Italy restaurant. Video courtesy/Michael Devillewww.realnooyawkaseat.blogspot.com, 2015.

Listen to Francesco Triolo talk about the history of Sal’s and his family’s 35 year ownership.

Francesco, Enzo and Max, circa 2012, in front of the newly constructed Sal's Little Italy.

Francesco and Enzo circa 1982 -- the beginning of the Sal's Little Italy legacy

Sal's Pizza circa 1977 - 2011 location @ the corner of Broome and Mott Streets

Sal's Little Italy storefront, 2015